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Remote Theoretical Examinations during C19 Pandemic

Remote Theoretical Examinations during C19 Pandemic

by Ben Shirley -
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Heliguy has obtained authorisation to conduct remote theoretical examinations during the C19 pandemic. 

This means that despite the travel restrictions, candidate are able to complete both ground school and the theoretical examination remotely. 

See below to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements:

1. Examinations must make use of webcam facilities which allow the examiner to see both the candidate and the candidate's screen at all times.

2. Examination will take place on a strict 1:1 basis between the candidate and examiner. 

3. The examination must take place in an area where the candidate is alone and if the examination is interrupted, it must be stopped and deemed null/void. This includes a disconnection of web cam/ audio. 

4. Before the candidate undertakes the examination, they must provide a 360-degree view of the vicinity where the examination is taking place. This is to ensure no other individual is within the vicinity, can make contact during the examination, or that any learning material is located within the vicinity which can be used as a reference during the exam.

5. The candidate must be able to provide microphone/speaker capabilities so that the examiner can hear any sounds within the vicinity.

Candidates must ensure that they can meet these requirements prior to requesting a remote examination. 

Remote Practical Flight Assessments are prohibited and must still be conducted in person. At this time, all practical flight assessments are postponed until further notice.