Available courses

Combined A2 CofC/ GVC Course

This course enables candidates to operate both within the Open Category and Specific Category under an Operational Authorisation.

Emergency Services Drone Operator Training

The ESDOT course is based on the CAA prescribed syllabus for the GVC and is required to operate under an ES OA. 

GVC Fixed Wing Module

This module enables Remote Pilots to apply for a Fixed Wing Operational Authorisation. 

PfCO to GVC Conversion course

This course is for individuals already in possession of a full NQE PfCO recommendation and wish to transfer the qualification to the GVC.

A2 Certificate of Competency

The A2 Certificate of Competency is a course for those that wish to operate in the A1 and A2 Subcategories of the Open Category. 

General Visual Line of Sight Certificate

The GVC course is based on the prescribed syllabus of the CAA and is required to operate under an Operational Authorisation in the Specific Category.

Zenmuse L1 LIDAR Sensor Training

This course delivers specific data capture and post-processing workflow training to users of the Zenmuse L1 LIDAR Sensor. 

DJI Matrice 300 RTK - Aircraft Training

This course delivers platform and sensor specific training to Remote Pilots of the DJI Matrice 300 RTK.

Site Scan Access Training

The Site Scan Access Course is designed for individuals that utilise Site Scan GIS software to capture, process and analyse photogrammetric data. 

Emergency Services CPD Training

The Emergency Services CPD course facilitates the delivery of theoretical knowledge for Emergency Services Remote Pilots with either a PfCO or GVC qualification. 

Enterprise CPD Training

The Enterprise CPD course facilitates the delivery of theoretical knowledge for Remote Pilots with either PfCO or GVC qualifications.  

Level 4 Award in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (RQF)

This course enables candidates to receive the GVC as well as a Level 4 qualification in UAS. 

Site announcements

Update to the Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) 2019/947

by Mark Blaney -

Following the release of the Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) 2019/947 regarding the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft, ORS 9, Decision 16, it has been decided that all A2 CofC Practical Flight Declarations must now be supported with evidence that the practical flights have been completed.

As a result, we have updated the Practical Flight Declaration form to version 4.0. 

Version 4.0 will now ask for the candidate to record the specific flights that have taken place, in a dedicated Remote Pilot Logbook, in order to achieve the required standards and currency requirements of 2 hours in the last 3 calendar months. These flights must also be supported with evidence of the flights taking place.

When submitting the completed declaration, you will be asked to upload this evidence on the final section, along with the signed and completed Flight Declaration Form.

Accepted forms of evidence are screenshots of Flight Logs, or a third party software logging system.

If you require any further informaiton or assistance, please contact the heliguy™ Training Team.

Extension to the legacy and transitional provisions

by Ben Shirley -

Following the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) consultation on whether to extend the legacy and transitional provisions for drones operating in the open category, and after a formal decision from the Department for Transport (DfT), it has been decided that the transition and legacy provisions will now be extended to 1 January 2026.

This will undoubtedly come as welcome news to those UAS Operators in the Open Category, it means that UA such as the DJI Mavic series, Mavic Air 2 and Phantom series can continue to be flown in the A2 Subcategory of the Open Category with an A2 CofC qualification beyond 31st December 2022. 

Read our Blog for more information here.

CAA propose extension to the legacy category UAS to DfT

by Ben Shirley -

The UAS community has spoken and the results are as exciting as they are insightful.

An overwhelming 97.98% of those that provided a response to the CAA consultation on extending the provisions of the legacy category UAS in the Open Category, were in favour of such.

As a result, the CAA has submitted its recommendations to the Department for Transport. Read more about it our blog, or read CAP 2367, the consultation response for yourself.

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