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Operations Manual Renewal Guidance Document V6.6

Operations Manual Renewal Guidance Document V6.6

by Mark Blaney -
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The CAA established a standard way for referring to the UK version of the law that distinguished it from the EU version of the law with the same name/number.

The government has published an Act of Parliament that says from 1st January 2024 no one must refer to this law as retained law any longer.
Operators must refer to it as assimilated law.

From 1st January 2024 can you please use the following wording in any document that the law may be referenced.

The Following changes should be made on the Reference Documents Table. Details can be found on page 3 of this document. 

Also, amendments to the Safety Statement should be made to reflect this change in your Operations Manual.

All UAS Operators and Remote Pilots are encouraged to review the document in it's entirety.

If you need any guidance or support in preparing your annual renewal, please don't hesitate to contact the training team.

Please click the below image to download the Operations Manual Guidance Document.

Ops Manual Guidance version 6.6