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Change to the A2 CofC Practical Flight Training Requirement

Change to the A2 CofC Practical Flight Training Requirement

by Ben Shirley -
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Following a recently meeting with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the practical flight training requirement for the A2 CofC was discussed and further guidance on the requirement has been released. 

In light of this, our guidance document and policy regarding the required flight time for the A2 CofC has now changed and all further submission must meet the below requirement:

When conducting the self-guided practical training, you should perform as many as necessary to gain a level of knowledge and the skills to operate your drone. You should find an environment which falls within the A3 Subcategory of the Open Category in which to practice.

Candidates with no-previous Unmanned Aircraft experience must achieve a minimum of 8 hours flight time to be validated as competent. Candidates with previous Unmanned Aircraft experience (in-excess of 8 hours) must submit a minimum of 2 hours flight time in the past 3 months together with evidence of their previous experience.