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Practical Flight Assessments - C19 Provisions

Practical Flight Assessments - C19 Provisions

by Ben Shirley -
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We are pleased to announce that Practical Flight Assessments will resume once again from Monday 1st June 2020 at our Newcastle and St Albans test facilities.

For the protection of our staff and candidates, the following measures will be implemented:

1.       No physical contact between Examiner and Candidate

2.       The examiner and candidate must maintain a distance of atleast 2 meters at all times

3.       The examiner will not physically interact with any candidate equipment

4.       The examiner will not retain any documentation from the candidate, however a digital image will be recorded for audit purposes

5.       If the candidates show any symptoms or feels unwell, the assessment must be postponed to a later date

Please note that PfCO candidates must have completed the EU regulation training module to be eligible to book an assessment. If you have not yet completed the additional training, this can be undertaken remotely via Heliguy Blackbox.  If you are eligible to complete your PfCO or GVC flight assessment and wish to arrange an appointment, please call us organise a suitable date and time, subject to availability.